Alternative Energy Systems

Electrical Systems

PAS focuses its energies on the design, install and integration of Electrical Systems. A typical project is the rewire, lighting design and electrical renovation of an old home in San Francisco, a Panel Upgrade in an Oakland home or Wi-Fi, lighting and power in a popular Berkeley storefront restaurant.

Mechanical Systems

We have mastered the craft of HVAC. Whether it's replacing a wall heater with a forced air system for an old Victorian in Berkeley or the design and install of a 10 ton system for the Korean Church in Livermore or the radiant heat system for a 10,000sq ft home in Pac Heights, we know the art of heating and cooling design and installation.

Alternative Energy Systems

Integrating Alternative Energy Systems into everyday life is something we are passionate about. From the Wind Turbine installed to help power an orchard and fish farm in Sebastopol, to the Solar and Hot water with solar assist (solar hot water heating) project in Gualala to the installation of the PHILL FuelMaker natural gas refueling appliance, we are excited about alternative energy!