Standard 50 gallon water heaters installed to supply hot water to Radiant Heat System in 6,000sq ft remodeled home. Pacific Heights, SF, CA
Greenwich Versa Hydro water heater, supplied and installed for Radiant Heat System in 3,200sq ft home. Complete remodel. Pacific Heights, SF, CA

Buena Vista Radiant
4 Port Manifold controls Radiant Heat System. Upper Haight, SF, CA
Wind Turbines
10kw Windmill. Installed on fish farm and apple orchard in Sebastopol, CA
Electrical, Mechanical and Alternative Energy Systems
PHILL Fuelmaker. Compresses the natural gas in your home to fuel your Natural Gas Vehicle.
Electrical and Mechanical Systems
Central Heating System for single family home. Pacific Heights, SF, CA


Electrical installation for completely remodeled home. Custom fireplace, built, designed and installed. In floor Radiant Heat. Pacific Heights, SF, CA

Residential and Commercial Electrical
Central Heat and Air for 6,000sq ft home (finish grille shown). The Presidio, SF, CA

Residential, Commercial, and Retail
Central Heat. Custom hard-pipe ducting installed in ceiling to accommodate raised 10ft ceilings in remodeled home (finish grilles shown). The Presidio, SF, CA
Electrical and Mechanical Systems
Inverters and electrical equipment for 10kw windmill. Sebastopol, CA

Hot Water Heating Systems
Solar thermal water heating (evacuated tube) system. Gualala, CA

Hot Water Heating Systems
Electrical for completely remodeled home. Wine cooling system supplied and installed for custom wine room. Radiant Heat throughout. Cow Hollow, SF, CA